Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Welcome to the Kitchen Garden in June

2013 was a very cool and cloudy spring, it is only the last two weeks that have been warm and sunny, so the garden got off to a very slow start.  I am finally seeing some significant growth this week and we harvested our first salad from the garden, lettuce, spinach, radishes, and chives.  There are a lot of blossoms on the strawberries and the raspberries are full, so soon there will be berries at our table.

The peas look good for the first time in three years so I am hopeful that I will be able to freeze some for winter use.  I planted lots of carrots, but they have been especially slow so they are only three or four inches high, hopefully we will see enough produce to fill the bins in our refrigerator.

Only ten tomato plants were planted this year, plus the four that have volunteered.  A reduction from last year's 21 plants, but I think it will be enough, I canned enough tomato soup last fall to keep us in soup for two years.  I will use these tomatoes for canning salsa and whole tomatoes, and we will eat plenty of fresh tomatoes.  There is also jalapeno peppers, artichoke, zinnias, and some herbs in this garden. 

We also have plenty of rhubarb.  On Saturday I made 4 rhubarb pies (2 for a party, and two unbaked for the freezer), 1 rhubarb cake, and 2 loaves of rhubarb bread for the freezer.

The bachelor buttons in the garden behind the tomatoes are spreading like crazy, I love these bright blue, airy flowers.  I have also planted zinnias, daisies, lavender, and several herbs in that area.  The french tarragon survived the winter and is doing very well, I have been able to pick some for salads and chicken dishes already.  It seems that every time I take photos of the garden I have laundry hanging on the line.  My days at home this time of year are spent weeding the garden, doing laundry, cooking, and reading, all very peaceful.

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