Monday, August 2, 2010

Back Home

We're back home after logging 1900 miles on the motorcycle.  We travelled through Minnesota and Wisconsin viewing beautiful scenery along the way.  Then we loaded the bikes on a ferry for a four hour ride across lake Michigan, which is large enough to make you feel like you are in the middle of the ocean.  After a good night's sleep we travelled up Michigan to Sleeping Bear Dunes, winery tours, and the tunnel of trees.  We spent a day on Mackinac Island and then continued our journey back home through Michigan's upper penisula, stopping in Duluth, MN to view the Tall Ships.  It was an enjoyable trip with excellent weather.  My favorite part of riding on the motorcycle is the opportunity it gives me to notice the aroma of the various plants we ride past.  The scents change based on the trees, bushes, wild flowers or other folage surrounding us.  There is a black pepper aroma that I would catch occasionally in northern Minnesota, I have yet to identify the plant responsible for that scent.  As we pull into North Dakota the aromas change to grasses and grains.  I never tire of this aromatherapy session, something that would not be possible sealed in an air conditioned car.

{These photos are a little out of order and various sizes, blogger is being very difficult with photos, I can't resize, move them around or even delete to start over.  Hope that is changed soon!}

Heading Down the Road

Botanical Gardens, Saint Paul, MN

Al's Breakfast in Dinky Town, Minneapolis, MN.  Seats 12 on stools up to the bar with the griddle just on the other side.  The line is down the block and the next 12 stand right behind you while waiting their turn.  As people leave everyone is expected to get up and move to the left so those coming in together can eat together.

On the Ferry

Sand Dunes

Mackinac Island

Tall Ships, Duluth MN

Tying down the  bike on the ferry.

Ready To Ride Home, Duluth, MN