Friday, July 9, 2010

Sour Cherry Jelly

Making jelly from local fruit is part of living a homemade life.  Why buy jelly made from across the country when jelly can be made from any fruit in your area.

We planted a cherry tree this year, but it only produced three cherries and the birds got those, so I picked cherries from both my parent's and my brother's trees.  These are sour cherries, but they make the best jelly.

While picking I put in a few unripe cherries so that I could use less purchased pectin.

Late last fall I bought this jelly bag contraption.  I have made jelly without anything like this for years and this product is not necessary, but the jelly bag did make it a quick and smooth process.  It takes very little time to water bath process jars of jelly and it saves freezer or refrigerator storage space.

I also found these squatty half-pint jars on sale late last fall, I love the way they look and filled with red cherry jelly they make a pretty gift.